Karen Miura is an award winning artist and animal communicator from Dutchess County, New York. She grew up next to a farm where she discovered both her affinity for animals and love of art at a very early age. Indeed, by the age of four, Karen exchanged dolls and toys for pencil and paper and the horses next door became her muses. Karen soon discovered endless inspiration from all animal species and a full career evolved from her childhood passion.

Karen’s concurrent work as an animal communicator grants her a deeper comprehension of her animal subjects. Her unique perceptions pour into her paintings adding substance, depth and gifting each piece a magical, almost life like quality. Karen explains, “I try to paint the whole animal; the form fully imbued with the animal’s character and essence. I believe my work as an animal communicator helps me paint their hidden personas and I hope viewers feel and sense that.”
Karen’s work has won numerous awards, been featured in several magazines and books and Karen has had one woman shows and participated in many group shows as well.

Karen is a mom to two wonderful, human children, Abby and Daniel, as well as several furry children including a 12 year old yellow lab, Maggie, Karen’s running buddy, who recently ran 20 miles with Karen along the mountain trails in the beautiful Mohawk Preserve.
Karen also has a very large mush of a cat named Chubs, he doesn’t run along mountain trails, he mostly sleeps.
Today Karen still resides in Dutchess County, New York, although she finds the winter more difficult each year. Some day Karen will head out west with her husband Steve and trade New York winters for warmer weather where they can enjoy running, hiking, swimming and biking every day.